How to setup cron job in cPanel to execute a URL

Use the command line script ‘wget’ to run programs via http links. Here is an example of the wget script in action: wget -q -O /dev/null “” > /dev/null 2>&1 Using -O means that the output of the web request will be sent to STDOUT (standard output). >/dev/null 2>&1  will […]

How to get all customers who have never bought anything in PrestaShop

The following MySql query will get all registered customers who have never bought anything SELECT  firstname, lastname, email,  date_add, active FROM   ps_customer WHERE  NOT EXISTS (SELECT ps_orders.id_customer FROM   ps_orders WHERE  ps_orders.id_customer = ps_customer.id_customer)

How to hide prices for visitors in PrestaShop

Here are the steps required to disabled prices for visitors in PrestaShop. 1. Disable prices for visitors in customer group maintenance screen. From back office go to -> customers -> groups -> select the ‘visitor’ group -> disable ‘show prices’ 2. Clear cache.  From back office go to -> Advanced […]

How to upgrade PrestaShop database only

These are the steps I took to upgrade a PrestaShop 1.3 database to the latest version. Note this process only updates the database and not the PrestaShop core programs. Upgrading the database can be very useful if you only want to migrate transactional data from old site to a […]

How to display subcategory products in parent category

If you want to display products of subcategories while browsing the parent category of a category PrestaShop page you need to enable the block layered navigation module. See below screenshots on how to do this.