Best Social Media Tools, Resources, and PrestaShop Modules

Instagram Marketing

Resources and Tools

Compfight is a great place to find creative commons images that you can use on your page. This is very helpful if you struggle to take photographs that provide entertainment value for your audience.

Pixlr is a fantastic photo editing tool that allows you to create collages and more.

Lapse (available from Google Play Store) It is an app that you can use to make short time lapse videos. These are perfect for Instagram and provide a good way to keep your audience entertained with something other than static images.

TOTEMS provides in-depth analytics for your Instagram account. This is something that Instagram is lacking on its own but being able to see which of your photos is performing best is a great way to hone your strategy and to be more efficient. The tool also allows you to find your most valuable followers in terms of influence.

Meme Generator is a place where you can create your own memes. This is another great alternative to uploading lots of photos.

Motivational Poster Creator – Use this tool to create motivational posters. Also great for ironic ‘demotivator’ posters which are very popular online.

Top Instagram blogs to follow

Creative Bloq is a resource that provides lots of information and advice for photographers and is useful for both amateurs and pros. This can help to elevate your imagery and thus take your Instagram account higher!

The official Instagram blog is useful for staying up to date and hearing about the latest changes and new features to the platform.

How to Attract Leads on Instagram by Amy Porterfield.

Top Instagram Accounts for Inspiration


Red Bull has filled its account with images of people leaping over waves or doing flips on bikes. This sells the ‘lifestyle’ that the company promotes and it shows how you don’t necessarily need to focus on your product when you’re using Instagram for promotion.


Starbucks is an Instagram account that’s humorous, that sells the lifestyle and that encourages followers to add their own pictures.


Arnie has taken to Instagram by storm and shows how you can manage a personal brand using an account.


Target Style make their clothes look excellent while at the same time providing tips and motivation for their followers.


Birch Box has teamed with top influencers. Something that any brand can truly benefit from trying.