How to upgrade PrestaShop database only

These are the steps I took to upgrade a PrestaShop 1.3 database to the latest version. Note this process only updates the database and not the PrestaShop core programs. Upgrading the database can be very useful if you only want to migrate transactional data from old site to a new site. These steps should also work for other prestashop version eg. 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6.

  1. Create a new empty mysql database and called it ‘staging’
  2. Dump the contents of the old database (including both structure and data) and upload the sql file to the staging database.  For this example we are dumping the 1.3 database contents.
  3. Create a new staging environment (directory or subdomain) on your web server eg.
  4. Upload the latest prestashop package to the staging environment. You can get the latest PrestaShop version from here:
  5. copy the settings config file from the 1.3 directory and copy to the new staging config directory. Update the settings file if required. eg. database name, user, and password
  6. change the file permissions to 644 for the following program:
  7. from the browser execute program:
  8. the database upgrade process begins and when it’s finished a XML file will show it’s completed. Take a copy of the xml file and scan the file to ensure no errors were reported. See below screenshot of sample of xml file.
  9. Now that the database is upgraded you can start exporting the transactional data from the staging database and import data into your new PrestaShop site.


upgrade database xml sample

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